2 Chronicles 24:11

2 Chronicles 24:11

Now it came to pass, that at what time the chest was brought
unto the king's office by the hand of the Levites
The place where his officer or officers met, appointed for this service; very probably in one of the chambers of the temple,

and when they saw that there was much money:
see ( 2 Kings 12:10 ) ,

the king's scribe;
or secretary:

and the high priest's officer;
his "sagan", or deputy priest:

came and emptied the chest;
poured out the money, and told it, and put it up in bags, ( 2 Kings 12:10 ) and took it, and carried it to its place again, ( 2 Chronicles 24:8 ) , by the hands of the Levites that brought it;

and thus they did day by day;
as often as the chest was full, or they perceived there was much in it:

and gathered money in abundance;
enough to repair the house, ornament it, and furnish it with vessels that were wanting.