2 Chronicles 26:6

2 Chronicles 26:6

And he went forth, and warred against the Philistines
Who in the times of Jehoram broke in upon Judah, and distressed them, ( 2 Chronicles 21:16 2 Chronicles 21:17 )

and brake down the wall of Gath;
which was one of the five principalities of the Philistines:

and the wall of Jabneh;
nowhere else mentioned in Scripture, but frequent in the Jewish writings; where the sanhedrim sometimes sat, and where was a famous university, and from whence sprung many of the Jewish rabbins; it is the same which in some writers is called Jamnia, and was a port near to Joppa; and belonged to the tribe of Dan, as Josephus F13 writes:

and the wall of Ashdod:
another of the principalities of the Philistines, the same with the Azotus of the New Testament; he dismantled all these places:

and built cities about Ashdod, and among the Philistines;
where he placed garrisons to keep them in awe; see ( Amos 1:8 ) .


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