2 Chronicles 31:6

2 Chronicles 31:6

And concerning the children of Israel and Judah, that dwelt
in the cities of Judah
As for the supplement "concerning", I see no need of it; the sense is, that when the king's edict was known by the inhabitants of the cities in the country, as well as at Jerusalem:

they also brought in the tithes of oxen, and sheep;
according to the law in ( Leviticus 27:32 )

and the tithe of holy things, which were consecrated unto the Lord
their God;
which Jarchi understands of the second tithe the Levites were to give to the priests; but Kimchi of things consecrated to sacred uses, and no longer for their own, and which were even free from tithing:

and laid them by heaps:
heaps upon heaps, such large quantities were brought in.

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