This chapter begins with the destruction of idolatrous worship, the
appointment of the courses of the priests and Levites, and the royal
bounty for sacrifices, \\#2Ch 31:1-3\\, next follows the order
Hezekiah gave, that the people at Jerusalem, and throughout the land,
should make the proper provision for the priests and Levites, as the
law directed; and which was cheerfully complied with, and the
firstfruits and tithes were brought in, in great abundance, insomuch
that there was enough, and plenty left, \\#2Ch 31:4-10\\, wherefore
chambers were prepared in the temple to lay it up in, and persons
appointed to be the overseers of it, and to distribute it faithfully
to their brethren and their families, to small and great,
\\#2Ch 31:11-19\\, and the chapter is closed in praise of the works of
Hezekiah, and the success that attended him, \\#2Ch 31:20,21\\.

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