2 Chronicles 32:5

2 Chronicles 32:5

Also he strengthened himself
In the Lord his God, and fortified his city, and put it in the best manner of defence he could:

and built up all the wall that was broken;
which was broken from the gate of Ephraim to the corner gate by Joash king of Israel; and though it might have been repaired by Uzziah, it might again be broken down in the times of Ahaz, by Pekah, king of Israel, or some other enemy, see ( 2 Chronicles 25:3 ) ( 26:9 ) ( 2 Chronicles 28:6 2 Chronicles 28:7 )

and raised it up to the towers;
from the corner tower to the tower of the gate of Ephraim, which, as before observed, had been broken down:

and another wall without;
a second wall, either all around the city, or at such a part of it which was weakest; Josephus F26 says the city of Jerusalem had three walls about it:

and repaired Millo in the city of David;
a wall on the north side of the city:

and made darts and shields in abundance;
darts to cast from the walls of the city, to annoy the enemy with, and shields to defend them from those of the enemy.


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