2 Chronicles 7:7

Ver. 7-10. Moreover, Solomon hallowed the middle of the court
From hence, to the end of ( 2 Chronicles 7:10 ) is the same with ( 1 Kings 8:64-66 ) . (See Gill on 1 Kings 8:64), (See Gill on 1 Kings 8:65), (See Gill on 1 Kings 8:66), only mention is made in ( 2 Chronicles 7:9 ) of the dedication of the altar, as if distinct from the dedication of the house, and hallowing the middle of the court, see ( Numbers 7:10 ) in imitation of which the Heathens dedicated their altars, in which they used ashes and water, as Pausanias F25 relates, and had also feasts, as here, at the dedication of their temples F26, in which they have been imitated by Christians; and many of our country feasts, as they are called, were first kept at the dedication of churches to such and such a saint.


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