2 Kings 10:11

2 Kings 10:11

So Jehu slew all that remained of the house of Ahab in
Which to do, and to justify himself in so doing, was the design of what he said in the preceding verses:

and his great men;
his ministers of state and counsellors, that advised him to, and abetted him in his idolatrous practices, and so justly suffered for the same; and perhaps some of them at least were those very men that cut off the heads of his sons in complaisance to Jehu:

and his kinsfolks:
more distantly related to him or his acquaintance and familiars, his associates in sin and wickedness:

and his priests:
who officiated for him and offered his sacrifices to Baal; the priests he kept in his palace, and ate at his table:

until he left him none remaining;
either of his kindred or his priests, that is, that were at Jezreel; for there were others at Samaria, ( 2 Kings 10:17 2 Kings 10:19 ) .