2 Kings 10:5

2 Kings 10:5

And he that was over the house
The king's palace in Samaria, who had the custody, care, and government of it:

and he that was over the city;
the commander and governor of it, that had the highest post in it under the king;

the elders also
all other subordinate officers and magistrates:

and the bringers up of the children;
who had the education of the king's sons committed to them:

sent to Jehu, saying, we are thy servants, and will do all that thou
shall bid us.
They were ready to do homage, and swear allegiance to him as their king, and obey all his commands as faithful subjects:

we will not make any king;
or set up any on the throne, no, not any of the sons or grandsons of Ahab:

do thou that which is good in thine eyes,
we will never oppose thee.