2 Kings 11:12

2 Kings 11:12

And he brought forth the king's son
Out of the apartment in the temple where he had been brought up:

and put the crown upon him;
the crown royal, which seems to have been kept in the temple:

and gave him the testimony;
the book of the law, which he was to read in all his days, and according to it govern the people; and which was a testimony of the will of God both to him and them: Kimchi and Ben Melech interpret it of royal garments put upon him:

and they made him king, and anointed him;
proclaimed and declared him king, and anointed him, for the confirmation of it, because of the pretension Athaliah made to the kingdom; otherwise, as the Jewish writers say, the son of a king was not anointed; and hence, they say, it was, that Solomon was anointed, because of the claim of Adonijah:

and they clapped their hands;
in token of joy:

and said, God save the king;
or, "let the king live"; or, "may he prosper", as the Targum; may health and prosperity attend him in his government. In ( 2 Chronicles 23:11 ) , it is said; "Jehoiada and his sons anointed him", and said those words; among whom must be Zechariah, whom this king afterwards slew, which was an instance of great ingratitude, ( 2 Chronicles 24:20-22 ) .