2 Kings 11:20

2 Kings 11:20

And all the people of the land rejoiced
That one of the house of David was set upon the throne, which they might fear was extinct, as it very near was; the lamp of David was almost quenched, only this single life left, from whom a line of kings proceeded, and the King Messiah; the promise of God cannot fail see ( Psalms 132:11 Psalms 132:17 ) , this occasioned great joy:

and the city was quiet:
was very easy at, yea, pleased with, the dethroning and death of Athaliah; there was no tumult on account thereof, nor such disturbances as she occasioned in her life:

and they slew Athaliah with the sword beside the king's house;
as related in ( 2 Kings 11:16 ) where she was buried, or what became of her carcass, is not said; some have thought she was cast into the brook Kidron, because Josephus says F8 Jehoiada ordered her to be had into that valley, and there slain.


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