2 Kings 11:8

2 Kings 11:8

And ye shall compass the king round about, every man with his
weapons in his hand
Afterwards given them, ( 2 Kings 11:10 ) ,

and he that cometh within the ranges, let him be slain;
any strange man that was not of them, that came into the ranks in which they were formed, was to be put to death as a spy, who might go and inform the queen what was doing; according to Jarchi, the word for "ranges" signifies the place through which the king went from his own house to the house of God F4; and here it seems the guards were placed:

and be ye with the king as he goeth out and as he cometh in
when brought forth to be crowned and anointed, and returned again.


F4 Vid. David. de Pomis Lexic. fol. 205. 3.