This chapter relates how that Joash the son of Ahaziah, king of
Judah, being hid and preserved, when his grandmother murdered all the
seed royal, after six years was produced, \\#2Ki 11:1-3\\, when
Jehoiada the priest set a sufficient guard about him, and the king's
house, and anointed him king, \\#2Ki 11:4-12\\, and Athaliah his
grandmother, who had reigned six years, was put to death by the order
of the priest, \\#2Ki 10:13-16\\, and then a covenant was made
between the Lord, and the king, and the people, and between the king
and the people; and he was placed on the throne, to the satisfaction
of the people, and the quiet thereof, \\#2Ki 10:17-21\\.