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This chapter gives an account of the wicked reign of Jehoahaz son of
Jehu king of Israel, and of the low estate he was brought into by the
Syrians, \\#2Ki 13:1-9\\, and of the reign of his son Joash,
\\#2Ki 13:10-13\\, and of the sickness and death of Elisha; of the visit
Joash made him in his sickness; and of his prediction of the king's success
against the Syrians; and of the reviving of a dead man cast into the
prophet's sepulchre, \\#2Ki 13:14-21\\ and of the success of Joash
against the Syrians, according to the prediction of the prophet,
\\#2Ki 13:22-25\\.

\\of Judah\\ The same year he was so zealous and busy in repairing
the temple, \\#2Ki 12:6\\,

\\Jehoahaz the son of Jehu began to reign over Israel in Samaria\\; whereas
Joash began to reign in the seventh year of Jehu, and Jehu reigned but
twenty eight years, \\#2Ki 10:36\\, and \\#2Ki 12:1\\, this could be but
the twenty first of Joash; to reconcile which it must be observed, that
it was at the beginning of the seventh year of Jehu that Joash began
to reign, and at the beginning of the twenty third of Joash that
Jehoahaz began to reign, as the Jewish commentators observe:

\\and reigned seventeen years\\; the two last of which were in common
with his son, as Junius, see \\#2Ki 13:10\\