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2 Kings 14:11

2 Kings 14:11

But Amaziah would not hear
Being given up to a judicial hardness of heart through pride; for this was of God, and by his overruling providence, that he might be punished for his idolatry, in setting up the gods of Edom to be his gods, and offering to them, ( 2 Chronicles 25:14 2 Chronicles 25:20 )

therefore Jehoash king Israel went up;
from Samaria to the land of Judah, which was higher ground:

and he and Amaziah looked one another in the face;
in the field of battle:

at Bethshemesh,
which belongeth to Judah; which is observed, not merely to distinguish it from another Bethshemesh in Naphtali, but to observe, that the king of Israel waited not for him to give him the challenge, but met his adversary in his own country, whither he carried the war, not suffering him to come into his.