2 Kings 17:21

2 Kings 17:21

For he rent Israel from the house of David
In the times of Rehoboam the son of Solomon, when ten tribes revolted from him, signified by the rending of a garment in twelve pieces, ten of which were given to Jeroboam; and it is here ascribed to the Lord, being according to his purpose and decree, and which was brought about by his providence, agreeably to a prophecy of his, see ( 1 Kings 11:30 1 Kings 11:31 )

and they made Jeroboam the son of Nebat king;
of themselves, without consulting the Lord and his prophets; and which was resented by him, though it was his will, and he had foretold it, that Jeroboam should be king, see ( Hosea 8:4 )

and Jeroboam drave Israel from following the Lord;
forbidding them to go up to Jerusalem to worship; the Targum is,

``made them to err:''

and made them sin a great sin;
obliging them to worship the calves he set up.