2 Kings 17:26

2 Kings 17:26

Wherefore they spake to the king of Assyria
In letters, or by messengers they sent unto him:

saying, the nations which thou hast removed;
from different places before mentioned:

and placed in the cities of Samaria, know not the manner of the God of
the land;
taking Jehovah the God of Israel to be a topical deity, limited peculiarly to the land of Israel, whereas he was the God of the whole earth; a like notion obtained among the Syrians, see ( 1 Kings 20:28 ) now they say they know not his "manner" or "judgment" F14, the laws, statutes, ordinances, and judgments, according to which he was worshipped by the people of Israel:

therefore he hath sent lions among them, and, behold, they slay them;
they perceived it was not a common case, nor could they impute it to any second cause, as want of food with the lions but the hand of a superior Being was in it: and they could think of no other reason, but

because they know not the manner of the God of the land;
how he was to be worshipped; and because they did not worship him, and knew not how to do it, it was resented in this manner by him.


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