This chapter relates that King Hezekiah, on a report made to him of
Rabshakeh's speech, sent a message to the prophet Isaiah to pray for
him, who returned him a comfortable and encouraging answer,
\\#2Ki 19:1-7\\ and that upon Rabshakeh's return to the king of Assyria,
he sent to Hezekiah a terrifying letter, \\#2Ki 19:8-13\\, which Hezekiah
spread before the Lord, and prayed unto him to save him and his people
out of the hands of the king of Assyria, \\#2Ki 19:14-19\\, to which
he had a gracious answer sent him by the prophet Isaiah, promising him
deliverance from the Assyrian army, \\#2Ki 19:20-34\\, which
accordingly was destroyed by an angel in one night, and Sennacherib
fleeing to Nineveh, was slain by his two sons, \\#2Ki 19:35-37\\.