2 Kings 2:22

2 Kings 2:22

So the waters were healed unto this day, according to the
saying of Elisha which he spake.
] In the name of the Lord; and not only they remained so unto the time of the writer of this history, but to the times of Josephus, as he testifies F19, and even to ours; for there is a spring now called Elisha's spring or fountain, of which Mr. Maundrell says F20,

``its waters are at present received in a basin about nine or ten paces long, and five or six broad; and from thence issuing out in good plenty, divide themselves into several small streams, dispersing their refreshment to all the field between this and Jericho, and rendering it exceeding fruitful.''

So some other travellers F21 say of it, that the water is very clear and cool, and issues in a copious steam. Pliny F23 gives it the name of "Calirroe", the beautiful stream, and speaks of it as hot, wholesome, and medicinal, and of great note.


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