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2 Kings 25:13

Ver. 13-17. And the pillars of brass that were in the house of the
The two pillars in the temple, Jachin and Boaz. Benjamin of Tudela says F23, that in the church of St. Stephen in Rome these pillars now are with the name of Solomon engraved on each; and the Jews at Rome told him, when there, (in the twelfth century,) that on the ninth of Ab (the day the temple was destroyed) every year sweat was found upon them like water; the one, I suppose, will equally be believed as the other, since it is here expressly said that the Chaldeans broke them in pieces. From hence, to the end of ( 2 Kings 25:17 ) is the same with ( Jeremiah 52:7-23 ) , where it is rather more largely and fully expressed; only there is this difference here in ( 2 Kings 25:17 ) the height of the chapiter of a pillar is said to be three cubits, there five cubits; for the reconciliation of which, (See Gill on Jeremiah 52:22).


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