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2 Kings 4:39

2 Kings 4:39

And one went out into the fields to gather herbs
To put into the pottage, the gardens affording none in this time of dearth; or, however, being scarce, were at too great a price for the sons of the prophets to purchase them; and therefore one of them went out into the field to gather what common herbs he could:

and found a wild vine, and gathered thereof wild gourds his lap full;
thought to be the same with coloquintida, the leaves of which are very like to a vine, of a very bitter taste, and a very violent purgative, which, if not remedied, will produce ulcerations in the bowels, and issue in death; some think the white brier or white vine is meant, the colour of whose berries is very inviting to look at, but very bitter and ungrateful, and it vehemently purges F2; the Arabs call a sort of mushroom that is white and soft by this name F3, but cannot be meant here, because it has no likeness to a wild vine:

and came and shred them into the pot of pottage;
cut or chopped them small, and put them into the pot:

for they knew them not;
what they were, the nature and virtue of them, being unskilful in botany.


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