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2 Kings 4:6

2 Kings 4:6

And it came to pass when the vessels were full
For the oil being miraculously increased as it was poured forth, there was enough to fill all the vessels; Ben Gersom and Abarbinel say, that when the pot was emptied, all the air that entered it was turned into oil:

that she said to her son, bring me yet a vessel;
as she had two sons, one it is probable was employed in setting aside the full vessels, as she poured into them, and the other in bringing to her the empty vessels, and to whom she thus speaks:

and he said unto her, there is not a vessel more;
not an empty one, they were all filled:

and the oil stayed;
it ran no longer, it was no more multiplied; there was no necessity of continuing the miracle: this oil may be an emblem of the grace that flows from the fulness of it in Christ, to which it is compared, which will be always flowing, as long as there is a vessel of salvation, or faith in any to receive it; see ( Matthew 25:3 ) ( John 1:14 John 1:16 ) ( 1 John 2:20 1 John 2:27 ) .

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