2 Kings 6:23

2 Kings 6:23

And he prepared great provision for them
Or a great feast, as the Targum; so obedient was he to the prophet's orders:

and when they had eaten and drank;
and refreshed themselves, which they needed, having marched all night and that morning from place to place:

he sent them away;
that is, the king of Israel dismissed them:

and they went to their master;
the king of Syria, but without the prophet Elisha they were sent to fetch:

so the bands of Syria came no more into the land of Israel;
not as yet, or for some time; or rather the sense is, that the Syrians came not any more in small bodies, as troops of robbers making excursions, and carrying off booty in a private manner, and by surprise; but afterwards came with a large army in an open hostile manner, as follows.