In this chapter the apostle makes mention of the end and design of
his writing this second epistle; foretells that there would be
scoffers at the coming of Christ in the last days; describes the
coming of Christ and the burning of the world; and closes with the
use saints should make of these things. The end of his writing both
this and the former epistle was to put the persons he writes unto in
mind of the doctrines and ordinances of the Gospel, delivered by the
prophets and apostles, \\#2Pe 3:1,2\\; and then, agreeably to what the
prophets had said, he predicts that there would be scoffers in the
last day; who are described by their sinful course of life, and by
their words, what they would say concerning the coming of Christ,
and their reasoning about it, \\#2Pe 3:3,4\\; which arose from their
ignorance of the creation of the heavens and the earth, and of the
situation of them; and is refuted by showing that things have not
remained as they were from the creation; that the earth standing in
and out of the water, as it was capable of being overflowed with a
flood, so it perished by one; and that the present heavens and earth
are reserved and prepared for a general burning at the day of
judgment, in which wicked men will be destroyed, \\#2Pe 3:5-7\\; but
let these men scoff as they will, the length of time since the
promise of Christ's coming was made should be no objection with the
saints to the performance of it; since the longest term of time is
nothing with God, however considerable it may be with men, \\#2Pe 3:8\\;
besides, the reason of the coming of Christ being deferred, is not
owing to any dilatoriness in the performance of the promise, but to
the longsuffering of God towards his elect, being unwilling that
anyone of them should be lost, but that all should be brought to
repentance, \\#2Pe 3:9\\; but as for the coming of Christ, that is
certain, and will be sudden; at which time will be the general
conflagration, which is described in a very awful manner,
\\#2Pe 3:10-12\\; and the use to be made of such a tremendous
dispensation by the saints is to live a holy and godly conversation,
\\#2Pe 3:11\\; to be eagerly looking for the coming of Christ,
\\#2Pe 3:12\\, and to expect, according to his promise, new heavens and
a new earth, in which will dwell righteous persons, \\#2Pe 3:13\\; and
to be diligent to be found in peace at that day, \\#2Pe 3:14\\; and to
account the longsuffering of God salvation; and the whole of this
account, and the use of it, is strengthened by the testimony of the
Apostle Paul, of whom, and of his epistles, a character is given,
\\#2Pe 3:15,16\\; and the epistle is concluded with some cautions and
exhortations to the saints, to beware lest they should be carried away
with the errors of wicked men, and so fall from any degree of
steadfastness in the faith; and to be concerned for a growth in grace,
and in the knowledge of Christ Jesus, to whom glory is to be ascribed
for ever and ever, \\#2Pe 3:17,18\\.

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