This chapter gives an account of the ill treatment of David's
messengers to the king of Ammon, who were sent to condole the death of
his father, and were basely used by him, which David resented,
\\#2Sa 10:1-5\\; which the Ammonites perceiving prepared for war, and
got the Syrians to be confederates with them; of which David being
informed, sent Joab and Abishai into their country, \\#2Sa 10:6-8\\; who
divided the army between them, and attacked the Ammonites and Syrians
with great courage, and routed them both, and returned to Jerusalem,
\\#2Sa 10:9-14\\; after which the Syrians gathered together again to
fight with David, who went out to meet them, and got an entire conquest
over them, and made them servants to him, \\#2Sa 10:15-19\\.