Nathan is sent to David to charge him with his sin, and convince him of
it by a parable, \\#2Sa 12:1-6\\; which being accommodated and applied to
David's case, brought him to a conviction and acknowledgment of it, and
repentance for it, which was forgiven him, \\#2Sa 12:7-13\\; though he is
told the child begotten in adultery should die, and it was quickly
struck with sickness and died; and David's behaviour during its
sickness and at its death is recorded, \\#2Sa 12:14-23\\; after which
Solomon was born to him of the same woman, and had the name of Jedidiah
given him by the Lord, which signifies the beloved of the Lord, and as
a token of reconciliation, and a confirmation of his sin being forgiven
him, \\#2Sa 12:24,25\\; and the chapter is concluded with the taking of
the city of Rabbah, and the spoil in it, and the usage of the
inhabitants of it, \\#2Sa 12:26-31\\.