2 Samuel 13:22

2 Samuel 13:22

And Absalom spake unto his brother Amnon neither good nor bad,
&c.] That is, said nothing at all to him about the rape of his sister; not that he was sulky with him, and would not converse with him at all; for then Amnon would have mistrusted that he was meditating revenge, and therefore would have been upon his guard; but on the contrary he talked freely, and in appearance friendly, on other things, the better to conceal his hatred of him, and his design to avenge the injury of his sister:

for Absalom hated Amnon;
or, "though" F6 he hated him, yet he behaved in this manner towards him:

because he had forced his sister Tamar:
who was so by father and mother's side, and so near and dear unto him, and therefore resented the injury done her.


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