2 Samuel 16:5

2 Samuel 16:5

And when King David came to Bahurim
The Targum is, Alemath, perhaps the same that is said to be a city of the Levites, given unto them out of the tribe of Benjamin, ( 1 Chronicles 6:60 ) for the man next described, who was of this place, was a Benjaminite, ( 2 Samuel 19:16 ) ; (See Gill on 2 Samuel 3:16); David was not yet come to the city itself, but into the neighbourhood of it, the fields adjacent to it: and

behold, thence came out a man of the family of Saul;
a descendant of a branch of his family, who had entertained a private grudge and secret enmity against David, to whom he imputed the fall of the family of Saul:

whose name [was] Shimei, the son of Gera:
which might be a name common in the tribe of Benjamin, one of Benjamin's sons being named Gera, ( Genesis 46:21 ) . Some say F19 he was the same with Nebat, the father of Jeroboam; but he was of the tribe of Ephraim, this of Benjamin:

he came forth, and cursed still as he came;
he came out of Bahurim, of which place he was, and all the way he came continued cursing David, until he came near unto him.


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