2 Samuel 17:18

2 Samuel 17:18

Nevertheless, a lad saw them, and told Absalom
Saw them conversing with the girl, and departing for David's army; according to Josephus F15, they were some horsemen that saw them about two furlongs or a quarter mile from Jerusalem, and acquainted Absalom with it:

but they went both of them away quickly;
made all the haste they could with their message to David:

and came to a man's house in Bahurim;
where very probably they had been informed David had been, whither he came weary, and had refreshment, ( 2 Samuel 16:14 ) ; or rather, perceiving they were discovered and pursued, they turned in hither, the first place they came to, for safety:

which had a well in his court;
which they observed, and was the reason of their turning in:

whither they went down;
to hide themselves from their pursuers, it being dry, as sometimes wells were in the summertime: Josephus says {p}, a woman let them down by a rope.


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