2 Samuel 17:28

2 Samuel 17:28

Brought beds
For David and his men, who, fleeing from Jerusalem in haste, could bring none with them, and therefore were ill provided while in the plains of the wilderness; the Septuagint version says there were ten of them, and that they were of tapestry, wrought on both sides, and such the ancients used F26, see ( Proverbs 7:16 ) ; and so ten basins in the next clause:

and basins, and earthen vessels;
to put their food and liquors in, and eat and drink out of, and for other services:

and wheat, and barley, and flour, and parched [corn];
or "kali", which was made of the above corn ground into meal, and mixed with water or milk, and eaten with honey or oil, as there was another sort made of pulse, later mentioned:

and beans, and lentiles, and parched [pulse];
or "kali", made of these in the above manner. Some think F1 coffee is meant, but without reason.


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