This chapter relates the advice Ahithophel gave to march out speedily
with a number of men in pursuit of David, which at first seemed
agreeable, \\#2Sa 17:1-4\\; but Hushai's opinion being asked, and he giving
counsel to raise a larger army, which required time, and was taken to,
hereby the counsel of Ahithophel was defeated, \\#2Sa 17:5-14\\; upon which
he hanged himself, \\#2Sa 17:23\\; these different counsels being
communicated by Hushai to the priests, they found means to transmit
them to David, with an instruction to him to pass over Jordan
immediately; which he did, and pitched in Gilead, and whither he was
followed by Absalom, \\#2Sa 17:15-26\\; and where he met with a supply of
provisions for his army from some eminent persons in and near that
place, \\#2Sa 17:27-29\\.