2 Samuel 19:37

2 Samuel 19:37

Let thy servant, I pray thee, turn back again
To his own city, after he is gone ever Jordan, and seen the king a little way on his journey:

that I may die in my own city:
the city of Rogelim, where perhaps he was born, and had lived all his days, and where it is natural for people to desire to die, even in their native place:

[and be buried] by the grave of my father, and of my mother:
or "in" their grave, as Kimchi and Ben Melech, in the sepulchre of his fathers, where men usually choose to be buried:

but behold, thy servant Chimham:
who was his son; and so the Syriac and Arabic versions express it, my son Chimham:

let him go over with my lord the king;
not only over Jordan, but to Jerusalem with him:

and do to him what shall seem good unto thee;
advance him, and put him into any post or office the king should think fit, or bestow a pension upon him, or give him an estate to live upon, or whatever he pleased.