David indulging to too much grief for the death of his son, is rebuked
by Joab, and threatened with a revolt of the people from him, if he did
not change his conduct, which be accordingly did, \\#2Sa 19:1-8\\; upon
which the men of Israel were the first that moved for the bringing him
back to Jerusalem, and the men of Judah were solicited to join with
them in it, which was effected, \\#2Sa 19:9-15\\; and at Jordan, Shimei,
that had cursed him, met him, and asked his pardon, and was forgiven,
\\#2Sa 19:16-23\\; and when come to Jerusalem, Mephibosheth excused so well
his not going out with him, that he had half his land restored to him,
which had been given to his servant, \\#2Sa 19:24-30\\; and Barzillai, who
had very liberally supplied the king, was allowed to return to his own
city, and Chimham his son was taken to court, \\#2Sa 19:31-40\\; and a
contention arose between the men of Israel and of Judah about the
restoration of the king, which issued in an insurrection, as the next
chapter shows, \\#2Sa 19:41-43\\.