2 Samuel 2:13

2 Samuel 2:13

And Joab the son of Zeruiah
A sister of David, and this her son was general of David's army:

and the servants of David, went out;
that is, his army went out from Hebron to Gibeon, which was twenty four miles F4 to meet that under Abner; for though he had but one tribe with him, and Ishbosheth had all the rest, yet Judah was a numerous, powerful, and warlike tribe; and besides many out of the other tribes had joined them, and, above all, God was on their side, and they had his promise to rely upon with respect to the establishment of the kingdom in the house of David, and his power and providence to trust in, and therefore went out boldly and cheerfully to meet the armies of Israel under Abner:

and met together by the pool of Gibeon;
the same perhaps with the great waters in Gibeon, ( Jeremiah 41:12 ) ;

and they sat down, the one on the one side of the pool, and the other
on the other side of the pool;
facing one another, and watching each other's motions.


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