This chapter relates that David, upon inquiring of the Lord, was
directed to go up to Hebron, and did, where he was anointed king of
Judah, \\#2Sa 2:1-4\\. And that being told of the kindness of the men of
Jabeshgilead in burying Saul, he sent them thanks, and promised to
remember it, and took the opportunity to let them know he was anointed
king over Judah, \\#2Sa 2:5-7\\. It also relates that Abner set up
Ishbosheth, the son of Saul, to be king over Israel, \\#2Sa 2:8-11\\; and
that there was an encounter between twelve of Abner's men and twelve of
David's, which brought on a sore battle between them, in which Abner
was beaten, \\#2Sa 2:12-17\\; and Asahel, who was of David's party, was
slain in the pursuit by Abner, \\#2Sa 2:18-25\\; when a retreat was sounded
by Joab, at the influence of Abner, who, with his wen, betook
themselves to Mahanaim, where he had left Ishbosheth, \\#2Sa 2:26-29\\. And
the chapter closes with an account of the slain on both sides, the
burial of Asahel, and the return of Joab with David's men to Hebron,
\\#2Sa 2:30-32\\.