2 Samuel 20:22

2 Samuel 20:22

Then the woman went unto all the people in her wisdom
Went from the wall of the city into it, and convened the principal inhabitants together, and made so wise a speech to them, and represented things in such a light, and so prudently conducted, that they unanimously agreed to her motion:

and they cut off the head of Sheba the son of Bichri, and cast [it] out
to Joab;
whose face Joab knew full well, and was satisfied it was his head that was thrown over:

and he blew a trumpet;
as a sign of retreat:

and they retired from the city, every man to his tent;
the army under Joab broke up the siege, and departed, every man to his own city, as the Targum:

and Joab returned unto Jerusalem unto the king;
to give him an account of his success, and how the rebellion was crushed; and this gave him courage and boldness to appear before the king, which one would wonder else he should have, when he had killed his general in cold blood, the king had sent out, and without his leave had reassumed his post as general of the army; but he was a bold daring man, a man of blood, and hardened in sin, and had power in the army, and over David himself, that he could not do what he would with him, but was obliged to be silent, and overlook things, and even to reestablish him in his office, as appears by what follows.