This chapter gives an account of a new rebellion raised by Sheba,
\\#2Sa 20:1,2\\; of David's shutting up his concubines unto the day of
their death, whom Absalom had lain with, \\#2Sa 20:3\\; of Amasa being
ordered to assemble the men of Judah to crush the rebellion, but being
dilatory, Abishai is sent out with David's servants, and was followed
by Joab with the men under him, \\#2Sa 20:4-7\\; and of the murder of
Amasa by Joab, \\#2Sa 20:8-13\\; and of Sheba being shut up in the
city Abel, \\#2Sa 20:14,15\\; whose head, by the means of a wise
woman, was delivered to Joab, and so an end was put to the rebellion,
\\#2Sa 20:16-22\\; and, lastly, of the chief officers in David's camp
and court, \\#2Sa 20:23-26\\.