A famine being in the land three years, the Lord was inquired of, to
know the reason of it; and it being answered, that it was on account of
Saul's slaughter of the Gibeonites, they were summoned by David to know
what satisfaction they required for the cruel usage of them,
\\#2Sa 21:1-3\\; to which they replied, that they only desired seven of
Saul's sons to be delivered up to them, to be hanged by them, which was
granted, \\#2Sa 21:4-9\\; whose bones, with those of Saul and Jonathan,
David buried in the sepulchre of their fathers, \\#2Sa 21:10-14\\; and
the chapter is closed with an account of the various battles fought
with the Philistines, in which four of their generals were slain,
\\#2Sa 21:15-22\\.