2 Samuel 23:9

2 Samuel 23:9

And after him [was] Eleazar the son of Dodo the Ahohite
Or the son of Ahohi, perhaps the same with Ahoah, a descendant of Benjamin, ( 1 Chronicles 8:4 ) ; this Eleazar was the next to the Tachmonite, the second worthy of the first class:

[one] of the three mighty men with David;
the second of the three valiant men that were with David in his wars, and fought with him, and for him:

when they defied the Philistines;
clapped their hands at them, gloried over them, daring them to come and light them; so did David and his mighty men, as Goliath had defied them before:

[that] were there gathered together to battle;
at Pasdammim, as appears from ( 1 Chronicles 11:13 ) ;

and the men of Israel were gone away;
fled when they saw the Philistines gather together to fight them, notwithstanding they had defied them; and so David, and his three mighty men, were left alone to combat with the Philistines.