2 Samuel 24:25

2 Samuel 24:25

And David built there an altar unto the Lord
After he had made the purchase:

and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings;
the one to expiate the sin or sins committed, the other to give thanks for the intimation given, that the plague would be stayed upon this:

so the Lord was entreated for the land;
was pacified and prevailed upon to remove the pestilence from it; which was signified by fire descending upon the altar of burnt offering, which showed the sacrifice was accepted, and by the angel being ordered to put his sword into its sheath, ( 1 Chronicles 21:26 1 Chronicles 21:27 ) ; and the Targum is,

``and the Lord received the prayer of the inhabitants of the land:''

and the plague was stayed from Israel;
no more died of the pestilence, either at Jerusalem, or in any other part of the land Israel.