In this chapter an account is given of David's numbering of the people,
\\#2Sa 24:1-9\\; of the sense he had of his sin, and of his acknowledgment
of it; and of the Lord's displeasure at it, who sent the prophet Gad to
him, to propose three things to him, one of which he was to choose as a
punishment for it, \\#2Sa 24:10-13\\; when he chose the pestilence, which
carried off a great number of the people, \\#2Sa 24:14-17\\; and David was
directed to build an altar to the Lord in the threshingfloor of
Araunah the Jebusite, with whom he agreed for it, and built one on it,
and offered upon it, and so the plague was stayed, \\#2Sa 24:18-25\\.