2 Samuel 6:19

2 Samuel 6:19

And he dealt among all the people
Gave a dole unto them, divided among them:

[even] among the whole multitude of Israel:
and if there were so many as at first, there were thirty thousand of them, ( 2 Samuel 6:1 ) ; and perhaps more, since it follows:

as well to the women as men;
to both the one and the other; and the women, it is very probable, were not among those that went to fetch the ark, but assembled to attend the entrance of it into the city, and were present at the solemnities of its settlement:

to everyone a cake of bread;
or a loaf of bread, of what quantity is not said, no doubt sufficient for anyone person, or more:

and a good piece [of flesh]:
not only that was good in quality, but large in quantity, a very large piece of it; the Jews say F19 the sixth part of a bullock, they dividing it into six parts as we into four quarters; but it is not likely that such a quantity of flesh should be given to each person;

and a flagon [of wine];
but what such a vessel held cannot be said, though at least we may suppose it equal to a bottle of ours, or more; see ( Song of Solomon 2:5 ) ( Hosea 3:1 ) ;

so all the people departed everyone to his house;
to refresh themselves with the provisions David had given them.


F19 T. Bab. Pesachim, fol. 36. 3.