3 John 1:14

3 John 1:14

But I trust I shall shortly see thee
Either at Ephesus, where John was, or rather at the place where Gaius lived, see ( 3 John 1:10 ) ;

and we shall speak face to face;
freely and familiarly converse together about these things, which were not thought proper to be committed to writing:

peace [be] to thee;
which was the usual form of salutation with the Jews, and John was one; (See Gill on John 20:19);

[our] friends salute thee;
or send their Christian salutation to thee, wishing all health and prosperity in soul and body; meaning the members of the church at Ephesus: the Arabic version reads, "thy friends"; such at Ephesus as had a particular knowledge of him, and affection for him. The Vulgate Latin version reads, "the friends": the members in general; and the Alexandrian copy reads, "the brethren"; and the Syriac version, our brethren: and then the epistle is closed thus,

greet the friends by name;
meaning those that were where Gaius lived, to whom the apostle sends his salutation, and desires it might be delivered to each of them, as if they had been mentioned by name. This and the epistle of James are the only epistles which are concluded without the word "Amen".