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Acts 12:12

Acts 12:12

And when he had considered the thing
The whole of the salvation wrought for him; or rather, where he should go, to what house he should betake himself; ere he was aware,

he came to the house of Mary the mother of John, whose surname was
This good woman seems to be a widow, no mention being made of her husband, and was sister to Barnabas, ( Colossians 4:10 ) . She is described by a son she had, whose name was John Mark, because of the frequent mention made of him hereafter; her house being large, and her heart as large as her house, the saints met here, and were welcome, and where they were at this time, though so late:

where many were gathered together, praying;
the Ethiopic version adds, "for him"; and there were some in other places, for one place could not hold them all; see ( Acts 12:17 ) they held out to the end in prayer; this was their last effort in this way, and in this they were no doubt exceeding vehement and importunate, and they succeeded; so true is that observation in ( James 5:16 ) .

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