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Acts 15:40

Acts 15:40

And Paul chose Silas
To be his companion and assistant; this being the design of the Holy Ghost in influencing his, mind to stay longer at Antioch, after he, with Judas, was dismissed by the church to go to Jerusalem, ( Acts 15:33 Acts 15:34 )

and departed;
that is, from Antioch:

being recommended by the brethren unto the grace of God;
(See Gill on Acts 13:26). The apostle having such a recommendation by the brethren of the church at Antioch, when he departed from them, and nothing of this kind being said with respect to Barnabas, have induced some to think, that the church took the part of the apostle against Barnabas, in the dispute between them; since the one went away saluted by them, and the other not.

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