Acts 21:11

Acts 21:11

And when he was come unto us
In Philip's house:

he took Paul's girdle and bound his own hands and feet;
and so prophesied by types and symbols, and gestures, as the prophets of old did; as Isaiah in ( Isaiah 20:2 Isaiah 20:3 ) and Jeremiah in ( Jeremiah 13:1-9 ) ( Jeremiah 27:2 Jeremiah 27:3 ) , and Ezekiel in ( Ezekiel 4:1-13 ) ( Ezekiel 12:3 Ezekiel 12:7 ) and Hosea in ( Hosea 1:2 Hosea 1:3 ) , some understand this of his binding Paul's hands and feet, but it seems rather to design his own:

and said, thus saith the Holy Ghost;
who was in Agabus, and spoke by him, and foretold some things to come to pass; and which did come to pass, and is a proof of the foreknowledge, and so of the deity of the blessed Spirit:

so shall the Jews at Jerusalem bind the man that owns this girdle;
meaning Paul, and who accordingly was bound in like manner, a very little time after this; see ( Acts 21:33 )

and shall deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles;
the Romans, as they afterwards did.