Acts 21:24

Acts 21:24

Them take, and purify, thyself with them
That is, join thyself to them, make one of their number, and attend to the rules prescribed to a Nazarite, who is to be holy to the Lord; and in case of any ceremonial uncleanness, is to be cleansed, or purified in the manner directed, ( Numbers 6:5 Numbers 6:8 Numbers 6:9 ) .

And be at charges with them;
join with them in the expense, for the offerings to be made at the end of the vows, or when the days of separation are fulfilled, ( Numbers 6:13-15 ) .

That they may shave their heads;
according to the law in ( Numbers 6:18 ) . This was done in (Myryznh tkvl) , the chamber of the Nazarites F18; for there the Nazarites boiled their peace offerings, and shaved their hair, and put it under the pot, in the fire that was under it: Maimonides says F19,

``if he shaved in the city it was excusable; but whether he shaved in the city or in the sanctuary, under the pot his hair must be cast; and he did not shave until the door of the court was opened, as it is said, "at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation", ( Numbers 6:18 ) not that he shaved over against the door, for that would be a contempt of the sanctuary.''

Moreover, it may be observed, that a person who had not made a vow, or fulfilled a Nazariteship himself, which was the apostle's case, yet he might join in bearing the expenses of others, at the time of their shaving and cleansing: for so run the Jewish canons F20;

``he that says, upon me be the shaving of a Nazarite, he is bound to bring the offerings of shaving for purification, and he may offer them by the hand of what Nazarite he pleases; he that says, upon me be half the offerings of a Nazarite, or if he says, upon me be half the shaving of a Nazarite, he brings half the offerings by what Nazarite he will, and that Nazarite perfects his offerings out of that which is his.''

That all may know that those things whereof they were informed
concerning thee are nothing;
that there is no truth in them; that they are mere lies and calumnies; as they will easily judge by this single instance, in complying with the law concerning a Nazarite's vow:

but that thou thyself walkest orderly, and keepest the law;
and therefore can never be thought to teach others to walk disorderly, or to neglect the law, the rites and customs of it.


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