Acts 7:27

Acts 7:27

But he that did his neighbour wrong
Who seems to be the same person whom Moses had defended the day before; and, according to the Jews, must be Dathan F1: the same

thrust him away;
from them, when he went to part them, and persuade them to be good friends:

saying, who made thee a ruler and a judge over us?
which was very ungrateful, if he was the man he had delivered the day before; and very impertinent, since he did not take upon him to rule and judge, but only to exhort and persuade to peace and brotherly love: the language suits with the spirit of Dathan or Abiram; ( Numbers 16:3 Numbers 16:12 Numbers 16:13 ) This is thought to be said to him by way of contempt of him, as being a very young man: the words are thus commented on in one of the ancient commentaries of the Jews F2,

``R. Judah says, Moses was twenty years of age at that time: wherefore it was said to him, thou art not yet fit to be a prince and a judge over us, seeing one of forty years of age is a man of understanding. And R. Nehemiah says, he was forty years of age; (See Gill on Acts 7:23) and it was said to him, truly thou art a man, but thou art not fit to be a prince and a judge over us: and the Rabbans say, he said to him, art thou not the son of Jochebed, though they call thee the son of Bithiah? and dost thou seek to be a prince and a judge over us? it is known concerning thee what thou didst to the Egyptian.''


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