In this chapter the prophet goes on with his prophecy against Israel,
whom God had highly favoured, and yet sinned against him, and therefore
must expect to be punished by him; and the rather, since he and they
were not agreed; and therefore there could be no communion between
them, \\#Am 3:1-3\\; and by various similes are set forth the cause of
divine judgments, the certain design of them, and their continuance,
till the end is answered; which should be attended to, since every
thing of this kind is of God, who giving his prophets notice of it,
they are under an absolute necessity of declaring it; nor should they
be blamed for it, \\#Am 3:4-8\\; and even the Heathen nations are appealed
unto as witnesses of the sins of Israel, that caused such a
denunciation of wrath; their tumults, oppression, injustice, violence,
and robbery, \\#Am 3:9,10\\; wherefore an adversary is threatened to be
sent among them, that should utterly destroy them, so that few should
escape, \\#Am 3:11,12\\; particularly their idolatry and luxury seem to
have been reigning sins, which had a great hand in bringing on their
rum, and for which the Lord would punish them, \\#Am 3:13-15\\.