This chapter gives an account of Daniel's being cast into the den of
lions, and the causes of it, and the steps leading to it; and also of
his wonderful deliverance out of it, and what followed upon that. It
first relates how Daniel was made by Darius first president of the
princes of the kingdom, which drew their envy upon him, \\#Da 6:1-4\\, and
that these princes finding they could get no occasion against him, but
in religion, proposed to the king to make a law forbidding prayer to any
god for thirty days, which they got established, \\#Da 6:5-9\\, and Daniel
breaking this law, is accused by them to the king; and the penalty,
casting into the den of lions, is insisted on to be executed,
\\#Da 6:10-13\\, which the king laboured to prevent, but in vain; and Daniel
is cast to the lions, to the great grief of the king, \\#Da 6:14-18\\, who
visited the den the next morning, and to his great joy found Daniel alive,
\\#Da 6:19-23\\, upon which, by the law of retaliation, his accusers, their
wives, and children, were cast into it, \\#Da 6:24\\, and an edict was
published by the king, commanding all in his dominions to fear and
reverence the God of Daniel, \\#Da 6:25-28\\.

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