This chapter contains some gracious promises of the conversion of the
Jews in the latter day, of their calling things to mind that have
befallen them, of their repentance, and the circumcision of their
hearts to love the Lord, of the return of them to their own land, and
of the great increase of them, and of their enjoyment of plenty of good
things, \\#De 30:1-10\\; in it is an account of the Gospel, or word of
faith, which at this time should be brought near to the Jews, and be
received by them, \\#De 30:11-14\\; and for the present Moses desires them
to consider what he now set before them, and what would be the
consequences of receiving or rejecting it, and so what it would be most
proper for them to make choice of, \\#De 30:15-20\\.